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  • Ready to be Excited To Look in the mirror again?

  • Look & Feel Your Best #Unapologetically40Plus

Ready to be Excited To Look in the mirror again?

Look & Feel Your Best #Unapologetically40Plus Yes, I want the glow NOW!

I'm Jacqueline Jase.

Have you ever felt...

“I am seeing the signs of aging, know I need to be doing something different over 40 but I am not sure what?

"OMG...When I look in the mirror,I am starting to look like my MOTHER...WTF???"

“Frustrated in trying ALL the products I see out there and I hear my friends talk about but they do not work for me!”

"I am overwhelmed by the number of skin care products out there."

“Disappointed in wasting my time and money to have a bathroom full of products I do not use."

“I am scared and wonder if I will feel like “my old self again” in knowing what works for me now that I am getting older.”

What Clients Have to Say...

"My skin looks INCREDIBLE today! Please keep doing what you are doing!  The dark circles under my eyes even look better. My skin is rockin'!"

Debbie O.

"WOW! The “new psychedelic” technique – my skin is tighter and looks so much better. I’m all for the new technology."

Julia H.

"You have given me the best skin of my life! My skin looks and feels moisturized. Age lines, especially around the eyes, have disappeared.  I love the products!"

Jen K.

The 40Plus Lifestyle Focus Solution:

Step 1: Let's DISCOVER

What works for you? What are your goals? These are just some questions we will discuss as we learn all about YOU.

Step 2: Let's DEVELOP

What works and what does not? Learn what else needs to be aded to reach your goals.

Step 3: Let's DO this

Nothing gets results like taking ACTION! For the record, this is where the fun really happens! 

How to Have Glowing Skin Over 40!

Client Results - Before & After

Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Eye Area Much Tighter

Jowls Lifted

Goes from U to a V shape

Neck Firmer & Skin Texture Improved

Neck is lifted and firmer, Skin is more plump

Firmer Skin, Lifting of Jowls & Neck

Overall improvement of skin and lifting of jowls and neck