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I am Jacqueline Jase.
I’m a 40Plus gal from Massachusetts, esthetician, massage therapist, and educator. My mantra - I am #Unapologetically40Plus! Obsessed with: cupcakes, cats, and athleisure wear. I've been exactly who I am since 1973. Keep reading if you want the rest of the details! (Oh, and in case you are wondering, these beautiful ladies are my friends...just having some fun and being ourselves!)

I was not always the woman that you see today: entrepreneur, physically active, positive mindset, excited to take on each day, and following my dreams to be the best version of myself.

In 2009, I left a very lucrative career in Brand Management Marketing. Yes, Corporate America (athleisure wearing me!). I thought I was doing what my education (undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business), my family, and my friends expected of me. Yes, I was on the RIGHT path but that path was not for me.  Do not get me wrong, I LOVE business and marketing but I was not living MY dream or MY Truth. 

At the age of 35, I was sick both physically and mentally.  I was overweight, suffered from stress induced migraine headaches, and dreaded getting out of bed each day. Based on how I was feeling, I took a GIANT risk and walked away from it all only KNOWING; I deserved better. 

Little did I know, that would be the BEST decision of my life.  Wait, do not leave out downright scary, completely frustrating at times, and presented challenges I had never faced. It was that little voice inside, that kept saying "Keep going, you got this!" that pushed me through those times. I learned what it meant to be truly EMPOWERED and that all I needed was within ME.

It is that same tiny voice that guides me as I do things at 40Plus like bikini body building competitions, half marathons, a year going to Tony Robbins events, and taking my business to new levels. I would have never done these things when I was years younger. As I am skiing the slopes or enjoying a good workout, I am always dreaming of ways to help clients live more passionate, authentic lives that allow them to connect and achieve their dreams.

What am I passionate about today? Sharing with each and every person that I connect with to spread the word to be exactly who you are, to trust yourself, and to be #Unapologetially40Plus.  If I can be that little voice in your head that says “Jacqueline would say go for it!”.  Mission accomplished!

I guess I should have known at 13 years old, doing my 7th grade science fair project on Age Management and loved putting on make-up and homemade masks on anyone that I could get to sit still long enough, I would become a beauty entrepreneur with a mission of being #Unapologetically 40Plus! 

10 Fun Facts
Cupcakes are my fave
Bucket List - To Go Skydiving
Crazy Cat Lady...Love my Fur Babies
Bucket List - Drive Cross Country
I have a crush on Lou Ferrigno
Bucket List - Travel to Asia
Can't watch enough documentaries
Bucket List - To Run a Marathon
Scared of Snakes and Skunks
Bucket List - Ride a Mechanical Bull
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